GoPro Karma – A Unique Design with Detachable 4K Camera

The GoPro Karma is a capable drone that has some features that set it apart form the DJI platforms.  GoPro is marketing this drone as a complete system.  You are able to remove the GoPro action camera from the drone and use it as a stand alone camera.  By removing the camera you also have a hand held gimbal called “Karma Grip” that stabilizes your GoPro footage as you capture the moment.  It folds down like its close competitors for easy transport.

The Camera

It’s no question that GoPro makes the best action camera in the business.  The camera has built in water resistance and can take a beating.  You can purchase these cameras separately or purchase a GoPro Karma Drone that includes the camera and the Grip.

The Karma lacks some of the sensor features that the DJI products have like active tracking and does not do as well for collision avoidance and return to home.  This is still a respectable setup that allows you to branch out into other activities when not flying your drone.